Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Is The Guy We Are Backing in Honduras

Holed up in an Embassy somewhere in their capital, the exiled attempted dictator Manuel Zelaya has determined exactly who is to blame for his situation. It should come as no surprise as to the culprits.

Its the Joooooos.

Someone once said their are three levels of conspiracy nuts in the world. The first kind is kid of quirky but almost normal-seeming. The second gets into stem-winders on various organizations and people determining world events. The third does the same thing, except their conspiracy always ends up with the Joooooos controlling everything.

And Manuel Zelaya? He falls into the latter category. Apparently, he just can't take all the radiation and mind-altering gas that the Zionist Israeli commandos are pumping into the embassy.

And the position of our government is that he should be in charge down there. Sad, ain't it?

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