Monday, June 15, 2009

Seriously, Will SOMEBODY in this Administration Show Support for the Iranian People?

If there has ever been a chance in the last 30 years that that the regime of Mullahs and lunatics running Iran can be overthrown, its right now. Yet nobody in our administration wants to be the bad guy on the international scene and demand that the Iranians allow for an audit of their election and not crack down on their population. Uh, news flash, Barry: You got to vote "Present" in the last job, not this one.

Admittedly, the "reformer" in Iran is only slightly less nutty as Mahmoud. But this can be huge in walking Iran back down from the ledge, after thirty years of killing Americans and Israelis and Lebanese and Iraqis and God knows who else. Freedom had false starts in Hungary in '56 and Czechoslovakia in '68. They've been waiting 20 years in China since Tiananmen. Twenty years may be too long to wait in Tehran.

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