Monday, March 2, 2009

As Was Pointed Out To Me Earlier

Happy Casimir Pulaski day for anybody reading in Illinois.

Who, you ask?

Pulaski was a Pole who left his home (at the time a part of Russia) to come to the US during the American Revolution to join our cause against the British. Pulaski was known as the Father of American Cavalry, and was killed in Savannah, Georgia, during the war.

In 2007, the Senate voted to posthumously extend honorary citizenship to Pulaski. The House has taken no action; nor has either President Bush or President Obama. In case you are wondering, only six people have ever been given that honor: General Lafayette, William Penn and his wife Hannah, and Raoul Wallenberg were all given honorary citizenship after death, while Winston Churchill and Mother Teresa were honored during their lifetimes.

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