Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Amateur Hour Comes to the White House

By now, you have doubtless heard that the President and his handlers severely bungled British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's state visit last week. While President Messiah was given a number of really, really cool gifts (like a pen holder that was carved from the HMS Gannet, a ship once known as the HMS President, a ship whose purpose was to interdict slave ships, and sister ship to the HMS Resolute, which the president's desk is carved from-and the framed commission of the Resolute, Prime Minister Brown's other gift).

Of course, our President and his crack staff, who have such wonderful judgement and temperment, if you'll remember, gave the Prime Minister a set of 25 DVDs. While a nice gift, its not the kind of thing you give to a foreign head of government-especially when American-format DVDs will not play in a British-format DVD player!

Add this to the two weeks they spent basically making the Supreme Commander the First Enemy, which was about as productive as I am in a deer stand, while the economy and our financial institutions continued sliding deeper into recession. David Axelrod, the brains behind the Dear Leader, admitted as much on Fox News Sunday this weekend.

I remember when the transition was called "The Smoothest Ever." But now, the treasury has exactly one of its appointed positions filled-Tim Geithner. I know I'm stoked that Timmy Turbotax is working diligently by himself to try to get us out of our credit-induced hole. And then, last week, we got the report that the President is "overwhelmed" by the financial crisis, and that he could give a fig about foreign affairs. One of his aides even told the British they were nothing special! And this is the country that is our best ally!

Amateurs. Bumblers. There is no learning curve in the Presidency. You don't get points for trying real hard. Even if you are the Secular Messiah.

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