Saturday, January 3, 2009

Put Them Out of Their Misery, Please

The Dallas Cowboys have imploded. This is not news to anyone. The fact of the matter is they have zero character and a locker room that is about as together as Yugoslavia. The fault lies squarely at the feet of one man.

Jerry Jones.

Now, you might say, "But Romo's a choker. Owens is a volitile prima donna. Pacman Jones is a criminal. Tank Johnson is a quitter. They have two Roy Williams and neither one was a factor all season. Wade Phillips is their coach."

Yeah. And who put all that together?

Look, Jerry Jones is the closest thing the NFL has to George Steinbrenner. He can't spend as wildly because of a salary cap. But he has to have his toys. So he picked up so many reclaimation projects that the folks in downtown Jackson are asking, "Can you take the King Edward and Standard Life buildings while you're at it?"

Jerry, like Steinbrenner, forgot where his championships came from. The Cowboys of the 1990s were built through the draft, with one big free agent signing (who ended up ruining the locker room), Deion Sanders. The Yankees last successful run wasn't with a bunch of big-name free agent signings, but with guys who were great team players. Really, let me ask you, who's the better third baseman, Charlie Hayes, Scott Brosius, or ARod? But Hayes and Brosius both have World Series rings. Is it any coincidence that when the owners demanded big, splashy signings instead of finding guys who fit, that these two franchises stopped winning championships?

The answer seems so obvious. How is it that two guys who have made billions can't see it?

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