Sunday, December 28, 2008

Parental Tunnel Vision...A Case Study

Recently Bill Minor banged out a column in between his electroshock therapy sessions about the corruption in Mississippi's politics. Now anyone who has read Bill Minor since...well, back when Fred Flintstone was driving around knows the contempt he has for pretty much the entire state. To say that he wishes everyone who disagrees with him would get washed into the Gulf wouldn't be too much of a stretch. If he ever wrote a column that wasn't dripping with hate for the state and its people, I think his head and mine would explode.

Anyway, he wrote the column. And of course it brought up most of the public corruption in his lifetime. Of course, one bit of corruption wasn't mentioned.

The piles and piles of lawyers who have gone down in the last 18 months. Paul Minor.

But then again, we all know they were innocent victims of Karl Rove, right Bill?

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