Monday, October 20, 2008

The Last Card Played

The ace Barry Messiah was saving got tossed on the pile last weekend. Colin Powell has endorsed Barry. I have to think that it was a strategic play; after all, the best time would really have been next weekend, right?

No, I say, the best time for Team Messiah was now. Why, you ask?

Simple. Joe the Plumber.

A guy who did nothing more than ask a question and get a surprisingly straight answer-"spread the wealth" I think was the term used, right, Barry?-had the week from hell. His tax records, voter registration, work history, all that stuff was put in the press. Why? Because Barry the Bus Drivin' Messiah decided to canvass his neighborhood that weekend. He's not a McCain staffer. He's not a politician. He's a plumber (a residential one, we know now-but what does that matter?) who wants a better life and to keep what he's earned. And for calling the Messiah's plan socialism, what does he get?

Literally the kitchen sink thrown at him. And people are noticing it. So when McCain threw out Joe as a 10 in the last debate, Joe had to be made into a Deuce. And it is ready to backfire-even though most of the national media doesn't care. So it has to disappear-and what better way than a former Republican Secretary of State coming to the Messiah?

I don't know who Powell really sways, though. He's pro-abortion, so that bloc is out. He's already, you know...sympatico with Obama on...other things. He's not really from anywhere, so a state is out. Maybe vets, but I doubt it. And after all, he was the guy who made the case for George Bush's War in Iraq. His deputy was the guy who outed Valerie Plame (though she was never really in...ah, forget it, it makes my head hurt).

I guess the Messiah really does grant forgiveness for all your sins.

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