Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You Know, I Did It As A Joke

Barry Obama, Peace Be Upon Him, recently said he'd been the author of the Stimulus Package that went into effect over the summer. He was so instrumental, in fact, that he didn't even show up to vote on the measure, as he's been campaigning for President for about 2/3 of his Senate career (which is almost as much as Joe Biden has-badum-ching! Hey, remember Joe Biden?). If I was still doing the "Claim of the Day," this would be a good one to chalk up.

But why is it like this with Dems? Can't they just talk without the grandiose posturing and fact-stretching? Whether it was Misadventures on a Helicopter (Hil-Rod and Biden), Inventing the Internet, Christmas in Cambodia, or the numerous whoppers that the Golden Boy has served up, they all seem to want to be such a part of history that they write themselves in when there's no need to.

Obama is no different. He said his parents were brought together by the March on Selma-except he was 4 when it happened. Then there was the bill his Banking Committee authored...except he's not on the Senate Banking Committee. Kennedy and Kruschev had tea and crumpets and prevented WWIII...except the meeting actually made the Cuban Missile Crisis worse. The Berlin Wall was brought down by people working together (I suppose as long as he's talking about Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Margaret Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II, he's right).

It's a pathological need of Dems, one that I can't understand. Of course, most of them don't really understand history, so what can you expect when they invent their own?

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