Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obama Camp: You Are Racist If You Vote McCain

It's been all over the place this week.

There was the Kansas governor suggesting that. There was a poll out on MSN this morning which stated it. The Obama camp put out a Spanish-language ad saying McCain favored immigration restriction, which is laughable (sadly). Jack Cafferty of CNN says that the only explanation for opposition to the Messiah is racism. So did two Democratic reps in Ohio.

Yes, it can't be because Obama has no resume-forget experience, he's not ever done a great job at anything other than writing about his favorite subject, Barack Obama-or his connection with terrorists and various left-wing loonies, his underhanded Chicago background-getting his opponenets thrown off the ballot or having their private records unsealed-or because he speaks in vague self-help terms when he's not espousing outright socialism. It must be, has to be, racism.

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