Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Noticed on MSN This Morning

That the headline read: Obama attacked over 'lipstick' remark, or some such triviality.

Because, of course, the whole issue here is that Obama is attacked, not that he might have called a woman a pig (How did Michelle ever resist this smooth-talking man and his many charming phrases?) and compared a senior citizen to an old fish.

Thanks, Matthews/Olbermann/Et al.

UPDATERY: Never throw your opponent a life preserver when he's drowning:

Barack Obama responded Wednesday to the John McCain campaign's call for an apology concerning his "lipstick on a pig" remarks, by calling the controversy "phony and foolish" and defending it as an "innocent remark" that was taken out of context.

Obama said his comment was meant to compare the policies of McCain to those of President Bush, and was in no way a reference to Republican vice presidential Sarah Palin.

Obama accused the McCain campaign of "lies and phony outrage” and "Swift-boat politics." He said the "made-up controversy" was "cat nip for the news media."

Someone should tell him that a good, "Huh. Whatever," would go over tons better. On second thought, don't. I love watching them flail.

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