Friday, August 8, 2008

That's How You Bury A Story, Johnny!

Johnny Reed Edwards, multimillionaire trial lawyer, former US Senator, Ken Doll, Breck Girl and...Stone Cold Pimp...came clean today, admitting he'd fooled around with a former campaign videographer. (But he didn't love her. The love of a pimp is different than the love of a square, alas.)

And what a day to do it, with the Olympics opening and Russia deciding that despite having 1/5 of the world's territory it needed just a little more.

Look at it this way, Johnny: it could be worse. You could be on vacation in Hawaii instead of keeping abreast of world events, especially when a US ally has been attacked.

(Unfair? Yeah, but I've had to listen to all of the Crawford stuff for the last eight years. A little preview for you lefties if your guy does win).

Edited to add: And the day after the Favre trade! It's like the perfect storm of news for the Stone Cold Pimp.

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