Friday, August 8, 2008

Somewhere, George Orwell Is Having an Aneurysm

Yes, I have compared the Obama campaign to the book 1984 a hundred times. With all the doublespeak, doublethink, Thought Police (the ad is racist! Leaning Tower of Pisa! White chicks! Doesn't look like guy on the dollar bill!), and Big Brother-type images, who wouldn't have made the link?

I mean, all that was missing was a hand gesture symbolizing group identity and solidarity. They included one in the 1984 version of 1984 (good movie, by the way. John Hurt is excellent as Winston, and Richard Taylor makes a very good O'Brien). It was two arms crossed above one's head in an X shape. It's a good thing his supporters are so level headed as to avoid such a bad idea. I mean, surely they learned their lesson from the Obamaland Seal.

Oops. Ummm...when does the two minutes of George Bush hate begin?

UPDATE!: Oh, my God, it just keeps getting better. Live Long and Prosper, Barry. Geez, by the look of the ears, they might be his descendants:

Hat tip, Baldilocks.

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