Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Recognize Those Fingerprints

At the Neshoba County Fair last week a Democratic operative, sitting 2 seats from the Speekah himself, heckled the governor. When I read about it on YP, I knew whose lame idea this was.

In 'power' once again, it's the Golden Boy himself.

If you'll remember, back at Jacinto in 2003, Mr. Franks took it upon himself to heckle his opponent, Jeremy Martin, as he spoke. Of course, being as detail-oriented guy, he failed to notice that the entire thing was videotaped. All class, that Jamie Franks.

Its going to be a wonderful four years, constant readers. All those fine things that he did back in the hill country, all those dirty the entire state gets to see how a friend of the workin' man takes care of his business. I can tell you this: There are a lot of Democrats who privately wish that he would just go away. They know he's a reckless, loose cannon with questionable allegiances.

Thanks so much for being good little boys and girls and going along with Uncle Billy.

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