Saturday, August 30, 2008

He Speaks Again

Did I mention that the Democrat party making Jamie Franks Jr. its state chairman was made of awesome?

On Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's experince in this mornings Clarion-Ledger:

"(McCain) wants voters to elect a former part-time mayor of a town of 6,715 people - a person with absolutely no foreign policy and national security experience - to be a heartbeat away from the presidency," he said. He said Sen. Joe Biden, Obama's running mate, has much more foreign policy experience.

Yet just one year ago, we were asked to elect a back-benching, do-nothing, self-aggrandizing, Osama-suing state legislator with no experience as an executive (or even experience in the state senate!) to the office of Lt. Governor. (Does anyone outside of Mooreville-Mr. Franks hometown-know that its not even an incorporated village? It's an unorganized community! You're bashing a woman for being from small-town America and you live there!) And now they're asking us to elect a part-time Senator and full-time Media Celebrity President.

Left unmentioned is the fact that Sarah Palin, as a mayor and governor of Alaska, has more executive experience than Barry or Plugs Biden. The foreign policy jab is hilarious-yeah, let's have that debate. Let's debate Sarah Palin's foreign policy experience when compared to, say, the top of the Democrat ticket. Unless throngs of screaming Germans is your litmus test of foreign policy experience, we can have that debate all day long.

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