Thursday, July 3, 2008

On Yahoo News I See

...that Barry Messiah has now said that the McCain camp has mis-stated his Iraq position. It's easy to make that mistake-after all, can anybody really pin this guy down on anything?

First in '02, we didn't need this war (though remember, he didn't oppose all wars-just the ones we happen to fight under Republican presidents and in his lifetime).

In 2004, during his Senate campaign, his position was "not that far removed from the President." Well, give him credit-he didn't say which president.

In 2005 we needed a surge in troops.

In 2006, it became "immediate withdrawal" due to "sectarian strife and civil war."

In 2007, when the Surge began, it was doomed to fail.

In 2007, when his presidential campaign began, it was, "phased withdrawal to Kuwait."

Later in '07, Iraq had taken our focus of Afghanistan. Our troops in Afghanistan had to use captured Taliban ammunitions because they didn't have enough (how an AK bullet fits into an M16 or M4 I still haven't figured out-maybe that Captain in charge of a platoon could tell him).

Now, in July of 2008, I guess his position is being mis-stated. The question is-which one of them? My guess is: Rope-a-dope part 2. The flip is coming. Just like Jeremiah Wright, just like the Veep search committee, Trinity Church, Pfleger, the flip eventually comes. This one's just gonna be spectacular. The double-think on the part of the Lemmings is gonna be fun. Let me remind them that Oceania has always, no matter what you are told, has always been at war with Eurasia.

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