Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama...Not Like The Rest

Senator Messiah's latest stump speech includes a line about how he doesn't "look like all the guys on the dollar bill." A subtle dealing of the race card? Of course. Remember in 2006 when Dems peed themselves over Bob Corker's ad making fun of Harold Ford's propensity to hang out with Playboy Bunnies? Apparently, we on the right are trying to bring Obama down by tying him to...Paris Hilton? (And if you haven't seen McCain's latest ad, get it on youtube. Good stuff).

Now, perhaps they're in a tizzy over the same thing: An implication of miscegenation between a white woman and a black man. But anybody who's trying to defend the chastity of Paris Hilton is sadly several years too late. If you don't believe me, you can go to the videotape.

Today, they're saying he's different because he doesn't come from inside Washington, that he's young and fresh, and that's what he meant. Flack Mike Glover says:

"Obama himself didn't make clear what distinctions he thinks McCain is likely to raise regarding the presidents on U.S. currency – white men who for the most part were much older than Obama when elected."

Well, let's take a look at the stats.

Washington was 56 when elected; Jefferson, on the near-extinct $2, was 57. Lincoln was 51. Obama will turn 47 next week. Andrew Jackson was 61. U. S. Grant was 46 when he assumed the presidency. I guess that kind of throws out the 'much older' part, huh?

Maybe he was referring to some of the bills completely out of circulation: McKinley on the $500 was 54 when elected, though, and Grover Cleveland on the $1000 was 48. James Madison was 58, he of the $5000 note. The other figures on bills-Hamilton (49 at his death), Franklin (84), and Salmon Chase (65, the $10000) were never president. Of course, the likelihood that he's ever seen one, much less held one of those is pretty low.

So we're left with him using the race card. Hey, Barry, it's in your deck. You might as well use it. After all, it's not like David Hampton is rushing to his computer to write a column or blog about your less than factual accusations. Which brings us to the funny (cause you know, we love the funny). McCain has said no such thing. It exists entirely in the mind of the Bus-Drivin' Messiah.

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