Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Thanks to Jim Geghraty of NRO's the Campaign Spot, number nine has come to light: Robert G. Gard, Lt. General, Retired and now the head of Vets for Obama, calls the Senator from Arizona (that's state #47 of 59, Barry) 'glib.'

But being a prisoner of the Vietnamese and serving on the Senate Armed Services Committee does not automatically qualify one for the position of commander-in-Chief — understanding risks, gauging your opponents and being held accountable does. We must end this glib obeisance to sacrifice and ask deeper questions...

No, the kind of experience we need in that position is organizing voter registration drives, and taking credit for legislation that you didn't even vote for, and talking in lame plattitudes. But hey, who are we to question the judgement of a guy who had the good sense to hang around with the likes of a bomber, a racist, and a couple of radicals? Whose staff is constantly taking the blame for screw-ups? A guy who threw his grandmother under the bus the first chance he got, describing her as a 'typical white person?'

Accountability? Do you guys really want to have this conversation? Really?

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