Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nash and Savage (A Contrarianism)

Jere Nash, pundit and Democrat operative, thinks that Michael Savage did damage to the conservative cause every time he opened his mouth.

Personally, I thought he did more damage when he gave money to Jerry Brown. You remember Jerry Brown-he of the far-left views and former California governor, later mayor of Oakland and commune resident, and current California attorney general. Savage gave Brown money for his campaign for AG last year. Folks, if you think Samson is bad, imagine a guy who is not afraid to tell people he has Socialist leanings having the power of the state behind him.

Savage is a poser, who had no real thought-out conservative position. Frankly, to me he came off as a guy imitating what he thought a conservative here in flyover country would sound like. He did a good job of it, but what position does he ever flesh out? Nothing. Just screaming into the microphone. And he makes money off of it. It's very American, but that doesn't make it any less put-on to me.

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