Friday, July 18, 2008

Hob Bryan speaks Truth to Power

"These characterizations of the assessment as a 'patient tax' are nothing more than propaganda designed to induce fear."

Once again, Partisan Liberal Democrat Hob Bryan gets it, and basically sums up the House Dems' position and only hope in this debate-and frankly, the absurdity of the taxation party opposing a tax.

My bone to pick with Hob is that "Barbour tried to get them beat" in last year's elections. Um, yeah, Hob, that whole election thing? The whole point is to try to win and help your party win. And interfering in elections? Lest we forget in 2003 the challenge in the Republican Primary by Lee Tyner, he of plantiff's attorney fame, ran against Barbour. And we know how those trial lawyers feel about the GOP.

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