Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Every Time He Talks

I just want to laugh.

The latest gaffes: Barry thinks he might be president for "eight to ten years."

Remember how he was going to "listen to the commanders on the ground?" Well, it turns out that he doesn't understand things as well as Sen. Messiah, and his work will take a backseat to whatever social programs that might be more pressing than, say, killing terrorists.
T]here is no doubt that security has improved. And there's no doubt that the extraordinary sacrifices of American men and women in uniform have contributed to that success. In terms of, my conversations with General Petraeus, there's no doubt that General Petraeus does not want a timetable. I think he has said that publicly. And he is, and as I said, in his role, he wants maximum flexibility to be able to do what he believes needs to be done inside of Iraq. But keep in mind, for example, one of General Petraeus's responsibilities is not to think about how could we be using some of that $10 billion a month to shore up a U.S. economy that is really hurting right now? If I'm President of the United States, that is part of my responsibility.
Obama pictured along with Che, Jesus and Hamas leaders in Palestine-where he will be guarded by terrorists.



Finally, from Amman today: "You know, it's always a bad practice to say 'always' or 'never.'" Emphasis mine.


I am so freaking glad you guys nominated this nimrod.

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