Thursday, July 3, 2008

Clingy and Bitter, You Mean

With a big tip of the hat to the indespensible Alan Lange, from the Wonkette site:
They’re old fashioned in Mississippi, that’s what! They believe in the old fashioned way of life, such as women are for making babies and the Negro is for slave labor on your plantation or maybe for lynching.

All class man, all class. They wonder why we remain 'bitter' toward their coastal liberal politics.
Peggy has a whole column to write, so she needs to explain exactly how badly the Republican Party will be stomped by the Democrats in November, even in slave states like Mississippi, where only Trent Lott’s family can legally vote.

Where oh where are the so-called Independent Southern Democrats coming to our aid? Snidely? Monty? Why aren't you jumping on this like Congressman Pickering jumped on "who the hell wants to live in Mississippi?" Where is David Hampton's outrage? Huh?

I'm both terrified and eager to see what they'll be saying when the Obamessiah drops the entire south in November.

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