Saturday, July 19, 2008

And Milk Shot Through My Nose

Hampton is still fighting the 2000 election and toting water for AlGore. Let us count the things that are funny in his blog today:

1. "I understand why Gore has given up politics after the Florida/Supreme Court maneuver that took the presidency away from him."

That would be the Florida that George Bush led from wire-to-wire, won by over 500 votes, was confirmed by a number of newspapers, and, oh, yeah, was called for Gore before the polls closed in the panhandle? That Florida?

2. "And, I think he has offered tremendous worldwide leadership on a critical issue facing the planet. His work has made a difference as the Nobel Prize accurately reflected."

Yes, by driving around in fuel-inefficient vehicles, flying everywhere, staging a concert that was so carbon-inefficient that it was hilarious, having a mansion with a $17000 a month electric bill, and generally being the Webster's definition "for me, but not for thee."

That, and most of the people he won his Nobel with think his theories are full of it. Mostly, this is an excuse to backdoor socialism into our lives and extend the power of the government.

3. "Gore was one of the most capable and prepared for the presidency than any candidate in decades. At least a majority of Americans thought so."

So you admit that Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, and, oh, yeah-Barry Messiah himself (honor and glory be unto his name) weren't ready for the presidency? Admitting it is the first step, Davy.

Anyway, let's define something: Ma-jor-uh-tee, according to the greater part or number; the number larger than half the total (opposed to minority): the majority of the population.

AlGore's share of the vote in 2000: 48.4. Unless my math skills are worse than I remember, that means that 51.6% of the American people disagreed with that assessment, Davy. In fact, a majority of people living in Gore's 'home state' of Tennessee (though Gore was born and raised in Washington and spent a majority of his life there or at Harvard) didn't agree with that statement.

But just to get it straight: Since GWB won 51% of the vote, and had more people vote for him than anyone in the history of American elections, by your standards, he's the most qualified president ever.

By the way, the biggest supporter of removing Saddam Hussein from power during the 1990s? Albert Gore Jr. Don't go around telling people that, though-it might be that people will figure out he's less St. Al and more opportunistic pol.

Keep fighting 2000 Davy. It just makes you look like the guy from The 40-Year Old Virgin who is still obsessed with a woman he dated years ago.

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