Wednesday, June 11, 2008

There are Days I Think I'm Psychic

Watched the news last night and it seems that Rep. Whiplash will probably not attend the Dem Convention, much like Gene Taylor.

Shocking that he won't go and use his superdelegate vote now, even when it really doesn't matter. Boren, I think, the representative from Oklahoma who said he would not be casting his vote for Barry Messiah, has real guts, and now everybody knows it. Of course now the Screamer will probably try to castrate him politically. Such is likely the penalty for Apostacy toward the Obamessiah.

At least Taylor hints he might not vote for Obama, instead of skirting the issue. Then again, Mr. Whiplash-I have watched Gene Taylor for a long time, and I can safely say you're no Gene Taylor.

Edited Correction: Dan Boren says he'll vote for Obama, but says he's too liberal and will not endorse him.

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