Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On the Bright Side of, Well, Everything

At least the much-overhyped New York Metropolitans are imploding more and more daily. There is nothing more sweet to my soul than watching a media favorite-and while they're not the Yankees or Red Sox, their media attention is so much more annoying, because they never win anything!-go down in a smoking heap. I'll admit to a bit of schadenfreude over the Mets' 2008 woes, since my Braves are in a mess as well. At least we've had Chipper Jones' .400 average to enjoy so far. That, and, let's face it, if the Braves get healthy soon they can still make a move. The Mets are so dysfunctional right now, from the owners to the GM to the interim manager to the underachieving players, that it'll take a miracle on the order of Bill Buckner for them to right things.

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