Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Had Forgotten This...

..but it's just a reminder as to how the Governor's Mansion was run during the Rushgrove administration. You remember that one-the one where we ended up in a huge debt.

A big hat-tip to JDBerry of YP.

An emergency declaration made by Gov. Ronnie Musgrove to speed the furnishing of his new office is being questioned by two state agencies.

“It’s our position that the purchase of furniture does not constitute the definition of emergency under the statute,” said Jonathan Compretta, special assistant attorney general. Compretta said he wasn’t sure if any action will be taken against the governor’s office.

State Auditor Phil Bryant said the matter remains under review.

“We are trying to be thorough in looking at it,” Bryant said.

David Cole, Musgrove’s then chief of staff, sent a letter dated Sept. 27 to the state’s top financial adviser, Gary Anderson, declaring a state of emergency“ for the purpose of purchasing furniture for the Governor’s Office.”

When asked Friday about the emergency declaration, Musgrove said the word emergency can mean “a wide range of needs.”

Of course it can, Monty. Of course it can. One wonders if you would have gotten 30% of the vote in any state other than Mississippi or perhaps Louisiana.

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