Monday, June 30, 2008

Civic Education

Barry Messiah is on TV, talking pretty like he always does. He's touched on Washington, Lincoln, and Truman so far, and has talked about patriotism and the need for civic education. Good talking, and fine subjects.

Okay, let's talk civic education under Barry Messiah.

When talking about it, he's talked about worker's rights, slavery, and the struggles of women. Under Obama, the education system would continue down the track of children knowing more about Madame C. J. Walker-a hair-care entrepreneur-than they do about the men that he just quoted! Under Obama, when we teach American history, we'll get Marxist class struggle and victimization. There's no one immune from victimology. Obama has even implied that our military are a bunch of victims-otherwise, why would he ask for psych evaluations for them before being discharged?

(Very subtle way, naturally, of saying that Senator McCain is nuts.)

He said that he won't question other's patriotism-ain't that nice of him. Meanwhile, his supporters-Jay Rockefeller, Tom Harkin, and just yesterday Wesley Clark-have all questioned Senator McCain's mental health or his military experience. Gore Vidal recently called the Senator a liar for saying that he was a POW. Let's not forget Congressman Delahunt basically telling a fellow American citizen that he hoped Al-qaeda would behead him!

Words mean things, Senator.

The last thing I need, of course, is a rebuke of my civic knowledge from someone who thinks there are 59 states.

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