Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What Language Are They Speaking, Mr. Foreign Policy Ace?

Remember a few weeks back when Senator Obama said that he was more qualified as a foreign policty expert than Sens. McCain or Clinton because of his extensive world travels, including a trip to Pakistan in the '80s during spring break, and his visits to family in Africa?

So tell me, constant readers, what language do they speak in Iraq? If you guessed Iraqi, you are wrong, and probably don't know the difference between the guy from Bombay and the one from Baghdad. They speak Arabic. At least our foreign policy expert knows that.

However, if you asked what language they speak in Afghanistan, and said Arabic, you'd be wrong, too. Afghans (and Iranians, and Pakistanis, and Indonesians, and all sorts of other 'Stans and various other Asian countries) don't speak Arabic as a first language. Afghans speak several languages, the most common being Dari Persian and Pashto (Persian is as close to a universal language there as you'll get).

But Mr. Foreign Policy Expert believes that we're wasting resources in Iraq, and one of those is Arabic translators to talk to the locals.

Naturally, the Obama loving press (but I repeat myself) has covered for him, saying he intended this to mean talking to foreign fighters in Afghanistan, which everyone knows is the legit War on Terror. But...who will talk to all the Syrians, Egyptians, Palestinians, and Saudis in Iraq who do speak Arabic if we put them in Afghanistan?

Foreign Policy expert indeed. I guess that trip to Pakistan was insightful. I guess that's why you want thousands of our boys to spend some time there in lovely Waziristan. Of course, they won't be spending just a week, huh?

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