Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Question for Monty, Snidely, Et Al

It seems that Robert Wexler, D-FL, is intent on calling Scott "Huh?" McClelland to testify before the House Judicial Committee that he chairs (Hey Barry, that's what chairmen do-they call meetings. Shouldn't you do that since, um, your subcommittee oversees NATO?), that being the committee that oversees any impeachment hearings. It also seems that there is a list of pro-impeachment candidates running for office:

Do you support impeachment for the President and Vice-President? Remember that for two weeks, your term would overlap with theirs. This is a question that you have to answer, since you might be put on the hot seat by your party, seeing as over 100 candidates for the House and 13 in the Senate are signatories to the Downing Street site.

The people who are voting for you deserve to know: Are you willing to drag the country through an impeachment in January 2009?

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