Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh, Davy, Your Heart Bleeds For Earl Berry

Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps said, "I asked him, him looking into my eyes, Inmate Berry, do you have any remorse for what you did to Mrs. Bounds?' He said, No, and I think after 21 years, I've paid enough.'"

Apparently, 21 years later, Earl Wesley Berry's heart does not bleed for Mary Bounds. Maybe you didn't read the story on Berry's kidnapping and murder. He stomped on her face so hard it left boot prints, after abducting her following choir practice.

If Berry doesn't feel remorse about a brutal murder, I really don't see why a peaceful death should make me feel remorse. He got better than he deserved; Mary Bounds didn't get a peaceful death.

Once again, Davy, the execution is not about the criminal, who attempted to play crazy and get himself labeled mentally retarded in order to avoid his punishment. The punishment fit the crime-though sadly, it didn't make Earl Wesley Berry suffer in the way that Mary Bounds was terrified, then beaten, and then ultimately murdered. The execution is about the victim of the crime. In your rush to moralize, please don't ever forget that.

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