Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'd Been Looking For This

Really, Snidely, I'm just here to help. After all, you've got awesome responsibilities not only as the representative of the First District, but as the Democrat's newest Super Delegate. So let me direct you to a website I've finally googled across:


You'll notice the proprietor has helpfully outlined a lot of Mississippi political history, coming from V. O. Key's Southern Politics, published in 1949. He even helpfully published a map going county-by-county in our recent Democratic primary. I'd call your attention to the upper right hand corner of that map, located about halfway down the page.

You'll also note that Hillary! is in red, and that corner looks like someone just opened up a vein on it.

Now, I know you don't want to get back into the Obama thing and whether or not he endorsed you. I know you don't want to get into whether or not some radio ads were placed on certain stations or flyers sent out to raise your voter turnout in...certain demographic groups. And I know that you won those counties in red last week and they're your core constituency.

It's just friendly advice, after all. I'm just throwing this out there for your benefit. Just remember, that yours is the party of identity. You'd just better figure out which identity is more important, though: the working man who makes up most of your constituency, or the folks who might provide you with the dough (and, of course, a demographic that has been fiercely loyal to a certain candidate-upwards of 90% in some cases).

Hey, it's not a job I would want. Have a great time in Denver. Enjoy the skiing, catch a Rockies game. Have a Schitzengiggle when you get there, and remember to turn the boot.

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