Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Casting Call!

So, with the selection process coming to a close-or being pushed that way by the media-what's say we go ahead and cast this years' candidates in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the White House?

Will Smith as Barry Messiah:

Theresa Randle as Michelle Obama:

Bill Cobbs as Jeremiah Wright:

Amy Poehler (who else?) as Hill-Rod:

Dennis Quaid as Bill Clinton:

Clark Gregg as Mike Huckabee:

Bruce Campbell (and Bruce Campbell's Chin!) as Mitt Romney:

Tom Cruise as John Edwards:

Ian McDiarmid as Ron Paul:

James Woods as Rudy Giuliani:

Jeff Bridges as Joe Biden:

George Lopez as Bill Richardson:

Ron Perlman as Mike Gravel:

Dylan Baker as Sam Brownback:

Fred Thompson as...Fred Thompson:

And, of course, as John McCain, Michael Hogan, who pretty much plays John McCain on Battlestar Galactica (tortured by enemies, hot wife, third-generation military):

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