Monday, April 21, 2008

Just Build the Bypass Already!

This morning in the Clarion-Ledger, we learned that Port Gibson residents don't want Highway 61 widened on historic Church Street, where, frankly, the town looks its best. And, in its infinite wisdom, the MDOT has decided to take one of the most picturesque main drags in the state and turn it into a construction zone. Or, they could just build a bypass.

Congratulations, MDOT. You're accomplishing something that Grant and Sherman couldn't bring themselves to do-tear up Port Gibson, a town that needs tourism to survive. Dick Hall seems to be the one person in MDOT with any sense anymore, since Butch Brown has decided to make it his own personal fiefdom.

Why don't we knock down the Elvis Presley birthplace while we're at it? How about all those tour houses in Natchez? Why don't we just nuke Rowan Oak? On the list of bad ideas, tearing up one of the most beautiful places in the state is right up there with the Edsel, the Bay of Pigs and Gigli.

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