Thursday, April 10, 2008

Barry Messiah: Al-qaeda's leadership not in Iraq

In other news, Mussolini, Hitler, and Tojo were absent from North Africa.

So let me get this right, from the Anointed One's foreign policy statements:

* We can't criticize the Chinese for stomping Tibet, because we owe them money...and because, um, some of my buddies in Chicago want to host the 2016 Olympics.

* We shouldn't give our best ally in Latin America, democratic Colombia, cheap access to American exports (when the reverse is already true!) yet we should continue to trade with the Chinese dictatorship-which has sent us bad toys, dog food, and has made constistent efforts to undermine our economy.

* Invading hostile, bellicose Iraq where Ansar al-Islam is hiding bad; Invading somewhat friendly Pakistan-now with Nuclear Weapons!-where al-Qaeda is probably hiding, good.

* We must renegotiate NAFTA, even though the other two countries involved in it are two of our major oil providers (or we won't, depending on whether or not you ask him or a subordinate).

* We must meet with Chavez, Assad, and Mahmoud without conditions. Meanwhile, we tell two of our major trade partners-neighboring Mexico and neighboring Canada-to stick it.

* We will leave Iraq immediately (or not, depending on whether or not you ask him or a subordinate). Plans for Germany, Japan, South Korea, still up in the air.

* Many of our troops are using Taliban weapons in Afghanistan because we aren't equipping them well enough.

Man, all of that insight after just a week in Pakistan in the '80s.

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