Monday, March 3, 2008

Obamessiah: Canada-Drop Dead, Iran-Welcome to the Lincoln Bedroom

Really, is it hard to distinguish friend from foe these days in the echo chamber that has become the Democratic party?

These nuts are talking tough to Canada-CANADA!-which, though not widely known, is the largest single exporter of oil to these United States-over NAFTA, despite the fact that most of our economic shortcomings are due to over-regulation and taxation (I'm looking at you, Michigan. Take the silly hats off and get with the free market) and not the fact that Molson is taking up space where an American beer should be.

Meanwhile, we want to talk with the Iranians real politely, so they might not attack us at home or abroad. Let's invite a few of these nuts over to the White House, have a photo op in the Rose Garden. Maybe they'll watch Schindler's List in the White House theater. I'm sure Mahmoud would love to take notes on some of the techniques used in that movie.

It's insanity. It's lunacy. It's Bizzaro World.

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