Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another Hampton Classic

The captain of the SS Can't See the Forest strikes again.

How can a political candidate, or anybody for that matter, be held
responsible for stupid statements made by someone else, or who they might be
to, or what some supporter says.We need to be exploring Sen. Obama's
and statements, not someone he knows.

Guess what, Davy? Obamessiah SAYS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!

Let that sink in while you're basking in the glow of Barry Obamessiah: The man says nothing. He uses empty platitudes like 'hope,' 'change,' and 'unity' but what does he ever really say? Nothing of any substance. He's running the Seinfeld campaign that you guys blasted Mike Parker for in 1999. The fact that he talks pretty and tickles your liberal funny bone doesn't mean that he's got any substance.

Actions have always spoken louder than words. And money talks while BS walks. And his action was sitting by and doing nothing while his pastor of the last TWENTY YEARS-not from five years ago, or ten, but up until THIS YEAR-said that HIV is targeted at minorities, that Israel is a terrorist state, that because we have friendly relations with them 9/11 was justified, and more. He didn't get up and walk out, and he allowed his children to hear it! He might not believe it, Davy, but those kids will grow up believing it (and, judging by the way she talks, his wife already does). As for money, he's dropped at least $20,000 into Jeremiah Wright's coffers, allowing the man to continue to spread his hate like a cancer across Chicago, and across the world via the internet and DVDs.

There are a million cliche's about it, and I'll spare you most. But nothing reflects more on us than the company we keep, for whatever reason. Barry had the chance to tell the world yesterday that he'd made a mistake. Instead, he gave us moral relativism and a lecture on racism in America. Instead, he gave us more of his hot air. You see, Davy, the only way we can know Barry is to judge him by what he does, since what he says is apparently so much worthless hot air.

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