Friday, January 18, 2008

Remember last summer...

Now, I hate to gloat, but last summer I responded to Sid Salter's blog post on embryonic stem cells-and the immorality of not using them to save everyone from everything:'re also wrong on the Stem cells blog today. The executive order
frees up research on the more promising adult pluripotent somatic cells-cells
which can be reprogrammed into malleable forms, which can in turn be used in the
same ways stem cells were, but with no cost to human life and with less
uncertainty. You're about two years behind on the whole stem cell thing, anyway.
Embryonic cells are so '05. Besides, if they were as 'hopeful' as people
claim-having gone so far as to insist Christopher Reeve could walk with their
help-then government funding wouldn't be necessary, because the private research
sector would have already invested more than the necessary funds. It's similar
to ethanol, another sham that's been taxpayer-subsidized for thirty plus years
with little in the way of results.

Of course, a few months later, we saw (at least those of us paying attention) the first big successes in adult pluripotent stem cell work, which has all but scuttled the embryonic stem cell debate, as there's no bioethical or moral issues with using adult cells. Only those with other motives-political motives-have kept the issue alive. Too bad that most in the press have been so lazy in reporting the APSC breakthrough. I guess they were too busy covering Britney.

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