Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mike Moore Won't Run

The Godfather Mike Moore has decided not to run for the US Senate in the next election. Count me as one who's not surprised.

Moore could have easily had the nomination for governor in 2007, but chose to allow John Eaves-or John Arthur Eaves, or JA Eaves, or John Arthur Eaves Jr or John Eaves Jr or John Arthur or Skippy the Wonder Dog whatever he decided to call himself during the campaign-to self-fund a campaign that managed to garner 41% of the vote. He could have run in 2008 to replace the retiring Senator Lott, but he's chosen not to.

Now, some could interpret this as a sign he's waiting out the Scruggs fiasco (after all, having your buddies and major source of campaign funds potentially staying in the county jail while you're running can't be good), but here's something that people might miss.

Mike Moore would have to run against an incumbent-though not Senator Lott-in a Senate race in 2008. And he's not going to chance that perfect Mike Moore record against an incumbent. That makes him next years candidate-and it always will. It keeps Mike Moore in the public eye, and lets him continue to be a power broker, even though he's not running. He gets to continue to have lucrative work thrown his way-thanks, MCI-and all the right people flatter him.

That's not to say he won't run again. The governor's mansion will be open in 2011, and Thad Cochran can't stay in Washington forever. But why hurry and jump into a race where he has a greater chance at losing? After all, there's no money in that.

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