Monday, October 22, 2007

Hampton, On the AG

David Hampton in his blog today basically tipped the hand of the CL editorial board on the AG's race. If he cheered any harder for Samson, we'd have to UPS him a megaphone. Of course he asked Samson about his pay for play, I mean, fee arrangements with outside counsel, and bit on the 'oh, it's so hard out there for a lawsuit pimp' line that Samson has been feeding editorial boards and opinion writers for weeks now. Yeah, those huge houses and nice cars and trophy wives don't come cheap. I guess working for the state is the new sugar daddy now that tort reform has been passed.

I wonder, though, did he ask him about why he never looked into Ike Brown's shenanigans? About why the killers/kidnappers of two young women in the Tupelo area have never been found or prosecuted, despite 15 and 10 years passing (I can answer that question, and it has a lot to do with Hood's future ambitions to move from one executive branch office to another as to why certain old murders are prosecuted, and others are not)? Was there a question in there regarding the statement that he didn't know if a federal judges' ruling applies in Mississippi? About the Ethics breach earlier in the year? About why he was so out of the loop with the Feds in the Beef Plant investigation, and about why he admitted knowing wrongdoing was going on in Benton County's elections while District Attorney yet doing nothing? About why Shannon Police Chief Bobby Spencer's murder remains unsolved a decade after the fact (I've got a theory or two on that one, as well)? How about the rumors of upcoming indictments of candidates unfriendly to his agenda?

Do I even need to mention the fact that he prosecuted a schoolteacher for campaign finance fraud, yet gave 91 members of the state legislature passes for what amounts to a paperwork mistake? About the state resources that were spent to recoup a $300 civil fine and an amended 24 hour finance report?

Tell me you asked those questions, Dave. Tell me you did. 'Cause otherwise you weren't doing your job.

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