Saturday, October 13, 2007

Am I Afraid?

Am I afraid of Jamie Franks becoming Lt. Governor? You're damn right I am.

I'm afraid of twelve years of backbenching being in power.

I'm afraid of Billy McCoy and Steve Holland running both houses of the legislature.

I'm afraid of silly lawsuits embarrassing the state like I've been embarrassed since he got his JD.

I'm afraid of payback being given out to his political opponents.

I'm afraid of reckless decisions like the beef plant and the second Tupelo hospital.

I'm afraid of $14 million being spent on special elections.

I'm afraid of one of Ike Brown's enablers holding Voter ID hostage.

I'm afraid of him thumping a Bible in one hand and ignoring it in another.

I'm afraid of the budget being crippled and the inevitable tax increases to follow.

I'm afraid of the right to work being ended.

I'm afraid of another bit of bureaucracy being added.

I'm afraid of other people's work being passed off as his own.

I'm afraid of small fire departments not getting the equipment they were promised.

I'm afraid of lies and excuses taking the place of actual results.

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