Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Dems Strategy For Mississippi

What is the strategy for Dems in Mississippi as we close? Its really actually very simple. I'll hit the highlights for you.

1) The Dead Walk Among Us: Vote early and often as they say in Chicago. Voter fraud will run rampant wherever its allowed. After all, we have a number of counties with more registered voters than actual people living there.

2) What, Me Democratic?: Get as many McCain-Musgrove-Childers crossovers as possible. These two cannot win without people voting split ticket.

3) Never Surrender: With the dead voting numerous times, the Dems want to keep Mississippi within 3 points. Doing that, they can claim voter intimidation and suppression, and with willing accomplices in the press, they'll either a) take it to the courts, or b) try to have the state's electoral votes thrown out in Congress.

This is their strategy going into the election. Democrats not only nationally but locally are hoping to destroy our state's reputation-one we've been struggling to get rehabilitated over the last forty years-in order to win the election at large. This includes those down-home good ol' boys who are running the state Democratic party today, including the Reaper, Golden Boy, Samson, the Speekah, Snidely, and Monty.

Remember that Barack Obama, Praise Be Upon Him, said that by increasing voter turnout Mississippi could be made a blue state. Did you really think that simply getting folks to show up at the polls was the whole strategy?

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