Sunday, October 19, 2008

There is No Point in Having the Election

According to the Daily Journal, not only is the Presidential race over and done, the 1st District Congressional race is too. This, of course, after being the Daily Childers Update during the Special Election. Nobody is following the race? Heck, might as well leave ol' Travis up there!

I guess they're tired of giving daily reports on the Congressman's bowel movements. All those reports, and nary a one about the flyer claiming Greg Davis supported the KKK.

I suspect that after the election they will praise certain turnouts (minorities, youth, etc) and bemoan the fact that more people didn't vote. And they'll wonder why.

Good thing that newsrooms don't come with rearview mirrors.

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Winston said...

When you consider the source, it makes more sense. Tupelo Daily Journal said today that Barack Obama would be fine as Pres (same for McCain). Its editors want to endorse Obama, but can't b/c of getting ridden out of town on a rail. It wants to endorse Musgrove over Wicker, but the editors know they'll be fired. So, Greg Davis becomes their whipping boy to take out the frustrations that rightfully, they would spread around in other races.

Emily LeCoz is half-ways fair when she writes in this race. I wonder how much longer she'll be able to retain her job as a result. It's my understanding the original was a much fairer article....then it was "edited".