Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things To Do In Denver When You're Brain Dead

I have enjoyed the Daily Journal's series on how much the Dems love Denver. The best part was when the lawyer from Pontotoc was explaining to the reporter that voter registration was the key to making Mississippi a Democratic state.

Of course it is. And if the people registered are deceased, so be it!

I realize that the Jackson area's designated Dem Cheerleaders are Hampton and Nash, but the rooting section is particularly loud in Tupelo. Six front-page stories (at least the news front page, anyway) have come from Denver. This is as comical as the almost hourly updates on Travis Childers earlier this year.

I'd be remiss if I failed to mention that the Clarion-Ledger has managed to emblazon Obama as "historic" every day this week. Yeah, we get it. Only Helen Keller wouldn't know at this point that Obama's skin color is slightly darker than the average president. After all, Barry himself keeps saying that ("Maybe its a reference to the fact that presidents on money are green!" I can almost hear Hampton's head trying to contort itself to square Obama's supposed 'race-neutral' status with his rhetoric). Can't have it both ways-either he's Barry Obama, post-racial candidate, or Barack Hussien Obama Junior, First Black Presidential Nominee. Either you're man enough not to hide behind your skin color every time an issue isn't to your advantage, or...well, you get it.

Just think, there's only a couple of days left of this swooning. Soon, the Messiah will descend from Mount Olympus and we shall all be Changed. Or at least that's what they're saying in the funny pages.

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