Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Greg Davis, You Have Company

Steve Cohen represents TN-9 in congress. He's a Jewish man who represents Harold Ford's old district, a liberal Democrat if there ever was one. He defeated Nikki Tinker, a black woman, when Ford ran for the Senate in 2006.

I write that paragraph to tell you this: Steve Cohen, Jewish man, has been linked to the KKK by Nikki Tinker, once again his opponent. Give that a second to sink it.

Just like Travis Childers and his friends did with Greg Davis, conservative Republican, a certain element within the Democratic sphere has tarred their opposition with the Racist charge.

Sadly, this has gotten more play in the media than the charge against Greg Davis. A dirty trick is a dirty trick. And it's just more of the same from the craven and power hungry-both black and white-that seems to permiate the Democrat party. It's repulsive. And it's probably going to work. That's the worst part of it.

EDITED FOR UPDATE: Now Nikki Tinker has also played the Jew card. I bet Jere "I Wish We Were More Unified As A Nation" Nash can't stand it. On second thought, somehow I doubt he can't.

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