Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Do Love Doing the Media's Work For Them...

After all, it was the original purpose of the site. It always pains me to do it to Sid Salter, Dean of Mississippi Political Journalists.

Yesterday in his blog, Sid stated that the Beef Plant Fiasco was a shapeless charge leveled by Republicans against Democrats, shifting from Billy McCoy and Steve Holland (who came up with the idea and inserted it into a bill fairly clandestinely if memory serves) to Ronnie Musgrove (who signed the bill into law, and took, oh, $60,000 in campaign contributions from the felons involved). Sid points out that Republicans voted for the bill too (though none, I believe, called it "the Nissan for Rural Mississippi.")

He notes that "Republican" Lester Spell supported it. This is what disappoints me most, Sid. You know as well as I do that Lester Spell was a Democrat when the plant was concieved, built, and when everything hit the fan. Lester Spell has as much do do with Republicanism as I do with the Space Program.

I sometimes think Sid has a grudge against Spell because the Auburn grad put down his beloved Mississippi State's Ag program after the beef plant study came out.

Don't blame me, Sid. I voted for Les Riley.

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