Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stop the Presses!

Jere Nash hearts Travis Childers after his JFP interview. I'm sure that was the toughest set of questions since Baba Wa-wa asked Jimmy Carter, "If you were a twee, what kind of twee would you be?"

The funny thing is that Jere Nash, the designated Clarion-Ledger Cheerleader for the Democratic Party (though he and Hampton, I'm sure, fight over the megaphone at Hal and Mals), the party of grievance and identity, is bemoaning the fact that people get divided up into groups, and are pitted against one another.

Apparently this just became a problem once St. Barry the Uniter was nominated, despite the fact that his first job was as a 'community organizer' on the South Side of Chicago (which anyone will tell you is the baddest part of town), who once got a voter-registration drive started with the slogan, 'It's a Power Thing.' A guy who put himself, intentionally, in the most prominent radical left-wing black power church in Chicago, where the pastor put Hamas bulletins in the program and gave Louis Farakhan awards and then called Italians garlic-noses. Then he chummied up with a guy who blew up a bathroom in the Pentagon and burned a New York judge's house with his family inside.

Welcome to the anti-identity politics party, Jere. I'll be the guy in the back spiking the punch. You can get your nametag up front from Bobby Jindal.

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