Sunday, June 29, 2008

So Let Me Get This Straight

This morning, the unabashedly pro-Childers Daily Journal wrote that the Congressman was going to Iraq and Afghanistan this week. Good for him; in less than three months in office he'll have been as many times as Barry Messiah has in his entire Senate career.

So, here's my question. Back in March, in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Mr. Childers said,

He was the only one of five candidates -- three Republicans, two Democrats -- at a campaign stop in Nesbit last week who said point-blank that U.S. troops don't belong in Iraq.

Childers said he favors coming up with a plan to withdraw troops over 12 to 18 months and leave the Iraqis to fight among themselves, as they have for thousands of years.

He said he's amazed more people on the campaign trail haven't asked about a national debt of more than $9 trillion.

"We're spending our money, folks, in Iraq. We need to be spending our money in America."

(As an aside, I'm always amazed at how the national debt only becomes an issue when Democrats are running for office, as opposed to when it's not a big deal afterward while they're sending hundreds of thousands of bucks to a hospital that their wife works Barry Messiah.)

Now, far be it from me to interject, but when are we getting out of the Balkans, and whatever country we're protecting now? After all, we've spent 10 years there. Shouldn't they be allowed to go back to killing themselves again, since they've been doing it for a thousand years? Oh, forgot-that was a Democrat "peacekeeping operation," for "humanitarian purposes." It would be a shame to actually, you know, topple a dictator who harbors an actual threat.

Today in the Daily Journal, the admiring Danza Johnson writes that his flak says:

"These individuals are going to try to get a firsthand grasp on our military situation, but it really gives them a chance to pat the soldiers on the backs to let them know we are proud of the job they are doing."

So we need to be out in 12 to 18 months...because we're doing a great job? But I thought we needed to be out because they're going to kill each other anyway?


Ok, I'm better now. I'm fine with Mr. Childers going to Iraq and Afghanistan. Were that the Democrat nominee for president would go. But he's run on getting out of Iraq as fast as possible, not on how great a job the troops have done. After all, he thinks its pointless and a waste of money to be there (I'm sure he wouldn't say the same about the trillions we've spent trying to 'uplift the poor out of poverty' and miserably failing, making their lives worse in the process. Or did I just imagine the whole Katrina aftermath thing?).

Oh, the perils of being a 'conservative' Democrat. You take your money from the people who spit on the troops and accuse them of killing babies, yet you have to get the votes of people who don't think the troops are a bunch of stupid, knuckle-dragging homicidal maniacs*. It's a strange dichotomy.

So enjoy your trip, Congressman Whiplash. Just remember to not let pesky things like the facts get in the way of your discovering that things are just a little more complicated than "Bush lied, people died."

*This is the part where Yaw-Yaw, because of his deficiencies in reading comprehension, sends me a nasty, indignant, rambling comment saying how I slandered the troops.

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