Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Your Election Afternoon Media Update

In regards to the Davis-Childers KKK controversy, what are the major media outlets saying?

Online at the McCoy Journal: Nothing on the front page, nothing on the news page. Article on Childers at the very top, article on Davis about two clicks down, right above the North Pontotoc spring football update (by the way, Coach Dew has 70 players out this spring). On the blog front, Bobby Harrison hasn't posted in a week, and the 9 to 5 blog has pictures of trees down.

At the Crying Liar: Marshall Ramsey has a cartoon up about Republican attack ads. Funny in that ironic way. Nothing in the updates bar. Salter calls tit for tat on negative ads and the race card-though as much of Davis' advertising was linking Childers to Pelosi, Kerry, and Obama politically, and he, like most of the media who are preoccupied with race, doesn't get that Jeremiah Wright is less about race and more about the fact he basically asked God to visit Biblical plagues upon this country (and, in fact, was made a racial issue not by Sean Hannity or Stephanopoulos but Obama himself). Hampton must be hiking today; he's not said a word. And Jere Nash, no stranger to dirty politics, wants to talk about West Virginia and the mood of the country. Good call, Jere.

In the Memphis Compost Appeal, they mention strong early voting in DeSoto county in the breaking news section, nothing about the handbills.

So, in review: Right of Mississippi, as far as I know, broke this one, and kudos to those guys. Alan Lange put me on this one, and the awesome in so many ways Michelle Malkin has also weighed in. National Review and Roll Call have also had pieces. Not a word outside of Salter in the state's papers. And they wonder why people think they're left-wing out of touch eggheads.

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