Friday, April 18, 2008

The Urinal Makes Its Endorsement

The Tupelo Daily Journal has made its endorsement for CD-1, and, unsurprisingly, they've chosen to endorse Travis Childers, D-Langston, I mean, Booneville. It's not surprising at all. The Journal endorses Democrats as a matter of course in the same way that I watch Braves games.

Naturally, the Journal played what's probably Childer's biggest plus in the race: That he's not from DeSoto county. The Journal notes that the city of Southaven is a suburb of Memphis, which, for those of you who were serial repeaters in Geography, lies in the state of Tennessee. The county is in the state of Mississippi, however, much to the chagrin of the editorial board down on Green Street. However, the people there are just as happy to be Mississippians as I am. I mean, come on, the DeSoto County Realtor's Association might as well give Willie Herrinton the Realtor of the Year award every year. Their theme song was pretty much written by Robert Earl Keen: "The only two things that mean anything to me are loving you and leaving Tennessee."

When I read one of their asides-that Mr. Davis lives and has represented DeSoto county-in their reasoning, I wondered, do these people even understand the kind of thing they're writing? The same people who would chide me if I made statements about someone's ancestry, religion, gender or anything else are using where someone gets their mail as a reason not to endorse him?

Then it hit me: The best hope they have for a Childers election is if people vote nativist, for the folks in their readership area to associate Mr. Davis with big-city Memphis. In a strange way, they're testing how much stroke they have with the people who actually still bother to read their paper, how much xenophobia they can ratchet up against a Republican from the far-away, near-mythical lands just south of Memphis. Yes, the same people who despise anyone who wants stronger border enforcement as racists and xenophobes are now trafficking in the very thing they claim to despise.

Irony is so very delicious.

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