Thursday, April 3, 2008

And the 'Real Democrat' Goes Down

One of the charges leveled against Travis Childers (in private, of course, because 'we've been so civil on our side,' as someone said on WTVA on primary night) was that he was not really a Democrat, that the only 'real Democrat' in the race was one Steve Holland, apparently since being Ronald Reagan's 1980 Lee County Chairman establishes one's bona fides to the Donkey label.

Thus is the mantra of the Democrat in 2008: Any dissent will not be tolerated. We were supposed to be heading toward a coronation, first of Hilary!, then of Barry the Messiah, and now it turns out that neither sides' supporters seem to want to cross over to the other. The same thing in the First district. Maybe when they make a movie about it they'll call it "There Will Be Even More Blood."

I see where the Daily Urinal has already started spinning in reaction to the Reaper's loss. I guess they're laying the groundwork for some kind of reality-defying endorsement in November. But who knows what kind of thoughts are flying around the newsroom today, since two of their favorite local Dems and McCoy lieutenants (though I've always assumed that the Reaper was the brains behind the operation anyway) have gone down miserably in the last six months. Marty Russell might be on suicide watch. Bobby Harrison might be getting ready to jump off of the capital dome.

Of course, in the future, neither one of them will have been 'Real Democrats' anyway, merely another lukewarm set of Republicans looking to get over on the voters. Oceania, after all, has always been at war with Eurasia.

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