Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Shame on all those who participated...

...in the hotboxing of Linda Coleman to switch her vote today. I feel sorry for the woman. They wouldn't allow this kind of thing at Sorority Rush at Ole Miss, but I guess they have a little more leeway in Jackson when people's cushy jobs are threatened. Some of the things that went on today in the capital-and you can go to Alan Lange's Ya'll Politics site for a good recap-will make your stomach turn if you believe in good and open government. Four more years of teddy bears, beef plants, flag referendums, pidgeonholeing, and double-dipping from the House, it appears.

Yet another sad showing from Davy Hampton, though: He's almost giddy like a schoolgirl at the thought of "McCoy 1 Haley O." I haven't seen this kind of delusional silliness since Homecoming elections back in high school. Hampton almost acts as if it would be a terrible thing for Republicans to have some kind of influence in the House. I suppose they should just sit back and take their lumps like the kids who don't sit at the cool table like Davy.

Jere Nash, of course, was his usual hyperbolic self-Jeff Smith made a deal with the devil, apparently. Good thing Jere wants Dems to not work with Republicans. Jere apparently has never heard of the old saying from General Pyhrrus-because those ideas are exactly why the Democrats in Washington have exactly half the approval ratings of the unpopular president.

One of the saddest statements has to come from Sid Salter on his blog, though. "If your child attends a good public school, thank McCoy." Too bad that most of our kids aren't attending good public schools. Guess Wild Bill gets a pass on that one, huh?

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